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About Code For Thought

Code For Thought is solely owned and operated by Chris Lo.

The name was established in 2012, though the first products weren't released until 2015.

CFT's mission statement is to provide modern software solutions at a fraction of the cost of big corporations.

At the same time, traditional, ethical designs are stressed, such as non-invasive advertising, decentralization, and avoidance of monopolistic platforms and toxic social media. logo

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View my GitHub open-source repositories and projects, as well as my contributions to large-scale projects such as Ionic and Capacitor

Simple Home Monitor screenshot

Simple Home Monitor

SHM was a do-it-yourself home security system stressing ease of use and low cost. Motion detection, remote control, notifications and multi-platform support were among its well-known features.

Superseded by HoBuB. Currently still operating. Long-term support discontinued February 2020.

Talk About gameplay screenshot

Talk About

Based on the Canadian game show and similar to the board game Scattergories, Talk About was a two-player fast paced voice interactive game for the Android platform.

Due to low downloads and required upkeep, intentionally removed from Play Store in 2019.

Big 2 gameplay screenshot

Big 2 version 1.0

An online multiplayer card game.

Superseded by current version of Big 2 at GameSlush in 2016.

Jumblewords gameplay screenshot


A Boggle-like massively multiplayer word game.

Lost in transition with the redesign of GameSlush in 2016.

Flick-It gameplay screenshot


An Angry Birds-like 2D-physics game.

Lost in transition with the redesign of GameSlush in 2016.